Personalised You Are Going To the dream destination is a great gift of travelling.
Simply let us know where you going to, add your message and we will personalise it.

We have a great library of images for New York, Paris, Disneyland, Madrid, Tenerife and many more.
Desired delivery date can be selected on Checkout page. Balloon will arrive inflated and packed with weight and ribbon.
Box Dimensions: 
H45 x W45 x D45cm 
/ Balloon: 22.5" 

Ex Tax: €20.33

Going on a vacation to Disneyland is always a win-win situation, especially for families. Children get to live a dream - being with all Disney characters and seeing them in action will always be somewhat a part of every child's fantasy. Give the gift of travelling with one of these big surprises! This Superb Personalised Balloon Gift, beautifully decorated and bearing your greeting, will intrigue and thrill a lucky family member or friend! We send balloon gifts in a box all over the Ireland.

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